First tack in 60 Seconds

Tytan 60 Seconds demonstrates grab properties in only a minute from dispensing. This makes any gluing job quicker and easier. You do not need to hold the materials in place. Simply dispense the adhesive, wait for 60 seconds, join the surfaces and it is done!

Fast & Strong

Tytan 60 Seconds is an extremely strong adhesive with exceptional adhesion to most building materials thanks to its polyurethane base and the Tytack Technology. It is ready to use, it demonstrates quick tack and it reaches high strength within minutes.

High Yield

Tytan 60 Seconds is an adhesive that is dispensed in the shape of foam. The high yield formula allows for replacing up to 25kg of powder mortar and up to 40 running meters of adhesive bead depending on container size.

No Priming

Thanks to its unique formula, Tytan 60 Seconds requires no additional priming in most applications. Surface preparation instructions should however be followed at all times. You can fi nd the instructions in this manual and in the product’s technical documentation.


60 Seconds Benefits Traditional technology






Grip initial 1 min.


Grip initial 5-10 min.
Finish time 2 godz.


Finish time 120 godz.
Curing time 24 godz.


Curing time 8-15 dni

Main applications

Mounting boards

Thanks to high yield and easy application, Tytan 60 Seconds is great for fi xing insulation boards and fi nishing boards. It is suitable for: OSB, gypsum – cardboard (drywall) and polystyrene boards (XPS, EPS)  as well as multilayer boards (sandwich panels).

Mounting decorative elements

Tytan 60 Seconds is the perfect choice for fi xing lightweight and heavyweight decorative elements made of polystyrene, gypsum, wood, PVC and other popular materials .


Tytan 60 Seconds is a very durable and strong solution for partition walls. You can use it in non-loadbearing walls made from calibrated materials: AAC blocks, ceramic blocks and silicate blocks . The wall can be decorated with plaster or other material after 1-2 hours.


Technical data

Tytan 60 Seconds Adhesion Strength

Material Gun Straw
Gypsum-cardboard *max (1.5mm joint) *max (1.5mm joint)
Cellular concrete *max (≤1.5mm joint) *max (≤1.5mm joint)
EPS & XPS styroboards *max (3mm joint) *max (3mm joint)
Mineral wool *max (3mm joint) *max (3mm joint)
OSB ≥110 kPa (1.5mm joint) ≥90 kPa (1.5mm joint)
Concrete ≥500 kPa (≤1mm joint) ≥400 kPa (≤1mm joint)
Ceramic blocks ≥200 kPa (≤1mm joint) ≥160 kPa (≤1mm joint)
Silicate blocks ≥550 kPa (≤1mm joint) ≥440 kPa (≤1mm joint)
Tin plate ≥120 kPa (1.5mm joint) ≥145 kPa (1.5mm joint)
PVC ≥130 kPa (1.5mm joint) ≥160 kPa (1.5mm joint)
Wood ≥680 kPa (1.5mm joint) ≥540 kPa (1.5mm joint)
Glass ≥110 kPa (1.5mm joint) ≥130 kPa (1.5mm joint)

*Adhesion strength higher than mechanical parameters of substrates tested.


Parameter tested
at +23°C/50% RH
Total capacity [ml] 1000 1000 520
Nominal capacity [ml] 750 750 300
Yield [running metres] up to 40 up to 30 up to 15
Full cure time [hrs] 24 24 24
Open time [min] 2-5 2-5 2-5
Correction time [min] 2-5 2-5 2-5
Initial tack [s]: 3)
-light elements 60 60 60
-heavy elements 120 120 120
Flammability (DIN 4102) B3 B3 B3
Flammability (EN 13501-1:2008) F F F